Katie and I were fortunate enough to experience the Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour while we were visiting New Orleans. This is one experience you don’t want to miss! You travel out into the swamp and see alligators up close and personal, along with other awesome wildlife, too!

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The Cajun Encounters Swamp Tours are located about 45 minutes from the heart of New Orleans, and they offer round trip transportation from many area hotels! The swamp tour goes on the top of my ‘must do’ list of things to do while in New Orleans, for sure!

We packed as much as we could into our short trip to New Orleans. Katie had a 4 day work conference, so we arrived 3 days early to visit a few attractions like the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium, find the best place to have dinner on Bourbon Street, and riding around the swamp alligator seeking and sight seeing!

Honey Island Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour from New Orleans

Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour

We began our trip to Honey Island Swamp with transportation from our hotel in New Orleans to the swamp. We were picked up and dropped off right at our hotel in New Orleans. Our entire tour lasted about two hours, with two hours spent on the swamp!

Cajun Encounter's Swamp Tour


Our driver’s name was Stacey and she was awesome. Stacey talked about the history of New Orleans, showing us things which changed after hurricane Katrina devastated the area. She was also quick to point out alligators which tried to cross the road but never made it to the other side… In New England we have a similar problem, but with deer, not alligators.

Cajun Encounters' Swamp Tour Bus

Cajun Encounters swamp tour is perfect if you’re looking to get an up close experience with alligators! Look at this guy staring us down…

New Orleans Alligator Swamp Tour

Checking in at Cajun Encounters swamp tours was quick and easy. We were called by the color of our  bracelets and boarded our flat bottom boat.

Cajun Encounters Tour Guide Captain Matt

Alligators Everywhere!

Captain Matt was an excellent and knowledgeable tour guide. He talked about the history of the swamp and the changes since hurricane Katrina. He pointed out not just animals, but all the different types of trees, moss and all things swampy.

Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour Feeding Alligators

We rode around the canals finding alligators to feed – that was a blast! There’s nothing like seeing a big alligator headed straight for you while Cajun Encounters Captain Matt dangles a hot dog in front of you!

Alligator New Orleans Swamp Tour

Tip: Get the best seat – board the boat first and sit next to or in front of the captain!

This guy was trying to catch up to us for a snack as we were leaving the swamp!

Don’t worry, after the first time the alligator jumps up and snags the hot dog, your concerns subside. After all, as Capt. Matt explained, alligators are not naturally aggressive. So there’s very limited risk – just don’t fall in and flop around like a giant piece of meat and you’ll be fine. 🙂

Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour Feeding Alligators

Honey Island Swamp Tour

Once we gave a few alligators some snacks out in the canals, we headed into the swamp where Captain Matt gave us quite a thorough history lesson of the swamp as well as the plants and animals which live there.

Cajun Encounters Honey Island Swamp Tour

We saw several animals as we made our way into the swamp, including a redhead duck nesting in a tree trunk.

Redhead Duck Nesting in Louisiana Swamp

Blue heron, egrets and a few other birds. There was an alligator which swam past this egret moments before I snapped this picture, I think Katie thought the gator was about to make lunch of the bird!

New Orleans Swamp Tour, Egret

We ventured deeper into the swamp where there were a couple of resident wild boars. They apparently love to snack on marshmallows. So we hung out with the pigs for a little bit and watched them chow down on marshmallows the captain had brought along.

Wild Boars, Cajun Encounters Swamp Tours

Unfortunately, we didn’t spot any snakes or a Rougarou! We did, however, spot a Rougarou at the Audubon Zoo though!

One thing Katie and I noticed at the end of our tour was how few people tipped. These guys and gals work hard to give you an awesome experience, so please – don’t forget to tip your captain and your bus driver!

Cajun Encounters Swamp Tours Tip Sign

Not only does Cajun Encounters offer this awesome swamp tour, they also offer other tours! Learn more at CajunEncounters.com – the tours are more affordable than you might think!

Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour
55345 Highway 90 East
Slidell, LA 70461

Have you been up close and personal with an alligator before?

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