Britain’s Got Talent: Wendy The Talking Dog

Britain's Got Talent, Wendy the talking Dog

Wendy is the Britain’s Got Talent sensational dog who broke the internet. An amazing and talented dog is responsible for joy being spread around the world. She talks, sings and meows too! She is funny and amazing all at the same time. She surprised the world when she took stage on Britain’s Got Talent.

Wendy the Dog; Britain’s Got Talent’s Biggest Star

Owner Marc Metral and Wendy took the state on Britain’s Got Talent, traveling all the way from Paris to show the world their talent. Wendy, with her incredible training and animation speaks in multiple languages and shocks the crowds while stealing their hearts!

Marc and Wendy take the Britain’s Got Talent stage, all eyes on them. Wendy, the beautiful white dog appears to have a touch of stage fright. But then, Marc is able to coax some words from her. She starts to speak in several languages. It’s simply funny and entertaining!

Wendy; Talking Singing Dog on Britain's Got Talent

When Wendy first speaks, you can almost her the jaw of every person in the Britain’s Got Talent auditorium hit the floor. They’re all in awe. They’re amazed, they’re confused and in disbelief! How can a dog talk? How can this be so!?

Not only did Wendy the dog talk on Britain’s Got Talent, she also sang and meowed like a cat! Apparently for nine years Simon Cowell of Britain’s Got Talent has waited to hear a dog meow, and hear a dog sing. Now he has. His career is complete.

Simon Amazed at Wendy the Dog

The owner of Wendy, Marc is a ventriloquist and amazingly good at what he does. He has the entire crowd believing the dog is actually talking with human words…at first anyways. Marc is known around the world for his ventriloquism skills and was even asked to preform at Buckingham Palace in 1988 by Princess Diana.

Like all ventriloquist acts, some notice that Marc’s lips quiver ever so slightly, and move along as Wendy talks. Some people feel the need to degrade the performance based on silly little things. It’s fun, it’s entertaining and Wendy the talking dog is a rock star!

Wendy the Talking Dog and Owner Marc on Britain's Got Talent

It’s unclear how Wendy opens her mouth to talks or how she is prompted to do so. I think it may be certain word triggers, some speculate where the dog is touched is her queue and some even speculate she has a string leading from her jaw that is tugged on at the proper moments.

How do you think Wendy’s mouth opens on command? Leave a comment below!

Watch the video below to see this amazingly fun and entertaining dog and her talented owner on Britain’s Got Talent!

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