Who needs a few go-to bourbon drinks to have on hand? A nice refreshing bourbon cocktail will hit the spot after a long week, and a bourbon recipe that is easy and delicious is exactly what you need! So who’s ready for bourbon drinks that’ll soothe those aches and pains? Whether you want a holiday bourbon drink or a simple apple bourbon drink, you’ll find it here!

Need a refreshing bourbon drink to help you unwind? Do you love bourbon drinks? Are your inlaws driving you up a wall? Check out these EASY bourbon drinks!

Today I’m sharing a bunch of easy bourbon drinks for you to share with your family and friends – or keep it to yourself, that’s your call! Whether it’s for a mid-summer refreshment or a relaxing drink while you’re dealing with your inlaws over the holidays, there’s a perfect bourbon recipe for you here. Scroll through, visit and find your perfect bourbon recipe!

Easy bourbon drink recipe ideas.

Bourbon Drink Recipes

New England Hard Apple Cider

Bourbon Punch

Rudolph’s Red Nose

Classic Mint Julep Recipe

Whiskey Sage Winter Cocktail

Irish Iced Coffee

Cranberry Bourbon Chiller

Bourbon Pomegranate Sour

Cherry Bourbon Spritz

Cherry Sour Old Fashioned

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade

What is your favorite whiskey or bourbon drink?

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