Blog Promotion: 5 Tips To Help You Succeed

Top 5 Ways To Promote Your Blog

1. Mention Your Blog. It sounds simple, because it is. Mention your blog at opportune times. Whether it be in emails, forums, face to face or on your other blogs. Spread the word!

2. Writing For Other Blogs. Write blog posts and submit them to other sites (like this one) to gain recognition and backlinks for your own blog. Writing for other blogs is a good way to increase recognition and increase traffic. Just make sure your guest post is a natural fit and your blog niche and style is similar to those you submit your post to.

3. Blog Commenting. Comment on other blogs in your niche, or other blog posts that relate to the things you blog about. Approve comments from legitimate bloggers who include their link in the website field – then follow the link and leave a comment on their blog as well.

4. Call To Action. Put a clear call to action on your posts. No, not every post. Don’t do it in the same manner, visitors will get ad-blindness if you repeat the call to action the same way on every post. If people follow the call to action, they’ll be sharing your content with their friends.

5. Post on Social Bookmarking Sites. Promote your posts on social bookmarking sites like Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Blog Frogs, Delicious and the like. Doing so will place more signals out there and allow more people to find your blog.

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4 thoughts on “Blog Promotion: 5 Tips To Help You Succeed”

  1. Love your tips and the fact that you're sharing them. My favorite is commenting. It is so important to explore other blogs and share your love.

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