My groomsmen loved their gifts! I’ve teamed up with Treehut to bring you this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Groomsmen Gifts ✔

As you know by now, Katie and I are tying the knot this September! One order of business for me to take care of before the big day is finding the best groomsmen gifts. Queue the most unique, customizable wooden watches on the market. That’s right boys, you’re getting a work of art from Treehut!

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Like a lot of couples, Katie and I going with a rustic destination wedding. We’re headed deeper into the White Mountains of New Hampshire to celebrate our special day. Spending the weekend with family and friends at a rustic resort and spa, we’ll be tying the knot at a little greenhouse tucked away behind an old Italian farm house – the perfect setting for a beautiful wedding.

This got me thinking. What is the best, personalized groomsmen gifts for a rustic wedding?

The Common Man Inn Greenhouse Wedding

Most of the details for our wedding are sorted out and now I’m on the hunt for the best groomsmen gifts. When your groomsmen are your best buds and family you want to make sure you give them something that you know they’ll love.

Groomsmen watches

Best Groomsmen Gifts

I know my groomsmen don’t drink often and I’m not keen on gifting the classic, cheesy flask anyway. I also saw knives, shotgun shells and other strange things while searching the web for gifts. They just didn’t resonate with me, I’m more of a practical gift giver. It was then when I saw Treehut wooden watches pop up on Facebook.

Ah-ha! Personalized groomsmen gifts that they actually use and love!

Best man and groomsmen gifts, wood watches.

Customizable Groomsmen Gifts

I knew that these are the perfect gifts and my groomsmen will love these wood watches. They’re classy, practical, fully customizable to include your choice of case, dial, strap and you can even have them engrave something special on the back of the watches. Easily personalize and customize them for your best man and groomsmen right on the website.

Best Personalized Groomsmen Gifts - Wood Watches from

Katie and I went back and forth discussing quotes to be engraved on the back of the watches. Some of the ones we came up with were “Time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot.”, “Make every second count.” and a few other pun-riddled quotes.

I decided on “Life is a journey, not  a destination.” to remind my groomsmen that they need to take time to relax and enjoy the journey of life and whatever it throws at them. You can get basically any words you want engraved on the watches, these truly are personalized groomsmen gifts.

Engraved Treehut Watch. Amazing wood and steel watches with engravings, completely customizable!

All of Treehut’s watches are handcrafted in San Francisco, California. They operate out of a tiny studio where they do everything from manufacturing to shipping. The engravings are even done right on site. Alternatively, you can purchase these beautiful watches on Amazon! No waiting, just a super sleek and elegant watch to gift to the guys or gals…

Every watch is finished with a white glove polishing service before being packed into a Treehut box and shipped directly to your home.

Groomsmen Gift Watches

My groomsmen and I are all small business owners, so this is exciting that I’m able to work with another small business to make our wedding day more special.

Best Groomsmen Gift Watches

Wood Watches – Groomsmen Gifts Made Easy

The best part? You don’t need to run through the mall like a bull in a China shop to find the your groomsmen gifts. Hop over to right now and shop from the comfort of your home or office. A few clicks and your personalized groomsmen gifts are checked off the list! 

Wooden watches from Treehut

Check out the amazing wooden watches! 

Best groomsmen gifts, Treehut wooden watches

Once you’ve ordered your watches, come back here to grab this cocktail recipe. A smoked old fashioned is perfect to share on the night you give the gifts to your best man and groomsmen. A nice wood smoked cocktail will compliment these wonderful wooden watches. It doesn’t get much better than that; cheers all around!

Smoked Old Fashioned Recipe »

Smoked Old Fashioned Recipe! A delicious whiskey smoked old fashioned

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