Sochi’s Crappy Toilet Situation

As many people have found out, the toilet situation is Sochi is…umm..err… interesting. Kinda (in some cases totally) gross, weird, awkward and funny all at the same time. I mean, how can you not laugh looking at these pictures? Could you imagine walking into the restroom and seeing three chairs facing the toilet? I mean – what the hell? (LOL!) How about walking into a dual bathroom stall – two crappers side by side. I think Russia is trying to gain an advantage during the Olympic Games by having such weird toilet customs..are they customs? What is the standard toilet set up for Sochi, Russia? Anyway.. Fact or Fiction, I’m not in Russia to tell you. But, check out these Toilet Pictures from the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, Russia!

Toilets in Sochi Russia

Judges Panel


Sochi Toilet Side by Side

Two Times The Fun


Sochi Bathroom

Side By Side


Skiiers on Toilets in Sochi Russia

A Courtesy Flush Can’t Solve This Problem


Sochi Restrooms

One, Two, Three Times The Fun!


Sochi Russia Missing Toilet

One Of Them Floor Crappers – At Least It’s Not Side by Side!


Sochi Filing Cabinet Toilets

No Toilet? Crap In An Envelope and File It Away


Sochi Restrooms Don't Flush Toilet Paper

Just toss it in the waste can.

What? That’s normal.