A Quality Snack for Quality Time

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It’s no joke that sometimes life gets us all wrapped up, and quality time together suffers. This is why I’m sharing a few ways you and your better half can spend quality time together, much like Katie and I do…Simple Ways To Spend More Quality Time Together

Spending time together isn’t the only thing we share. We also love sharing a fun snack, today we’re talking about things we do to spend time together and one of our favorite go-to snacks, goodnessknows® snack squares!

Quality Time

If you’re anything like us, you’re always on the go. Whether you’re busy with school, work, play or shuttling the kids around to sporting practices and karate class, there never seems to be enough time in the day. But, we must carve out at least a few times a week to spend quality time together and do something fun! With life being so hectic and back to school season knocking at the door, it’s time to get serious about spending quality time together!

Bring goodnessknows snack squares when you go hiking

Here are a few things we do to carve out quality time together while we’re navigating work, school and everything else in between…

Build Something – Get Creative with a DIY

Get creative and build something. Katie and I love to do little projects around the house. Okay, maybe more me than her. But she gets into it and has fun making things, especially when she gets to use the spray paint! For the record, spray painting is her favorite job and her least favorite job is brush-cutting the corners when painting walls! We both love building things and working on home improvement projects, so that’s one way we spend good quality time together.

Rustic DIY Seating Bench

As you know, there’s always something to be done around the house. But, if you’re interested in building something fun and practical, put your skills to the test and build this easy DIY bench project together! DIY time is always fun, unpredictable and you always end up with something cool — or at least something you never knew you didn’t need! ;)

Game Time – Play a Card Game

Break out the deck of cards and play a game of go-fish, poker, war or whatever your favorite games are! Set aside an hour each week to play your favorite card games! One of our favorite card games is Egyptian Ratscrew!

Game Night with goodnessknows® snack squares!

The rules of Egyptian Ratscrew are pretty basic. It’s like “war” but with a twist. The player with all the cards at the end of the game is declared the winner. It’s fun and a good way to spend a little quality time together!

Take a Hike – Walk the Trails

Perhaps our favorite activity, finding a trail and taking a hike. Pack a bag and hit the trails! We’re fortunate enough to live very close to so many nature trails, some of which span clear across the state. Whether we’re hiking around Quincy Bog or taking a hike up to Holt’s Ledge, we can always toss a bottle of water and some goodnessknows® snack squares in our backpack and we’re good to go!

Packing goodnessknows® snack squares For Our Hiking Trip

We have several little spots we like to hike. Some of our favorite hikes are of course Holt’s Ledge and then there’s the rail trail, which is super flat and easy (because it was railroad tracks). Then there’s our secret spot, which is known by very few people and we’re going to keep it that way for the time being. But, here’s a picture of our secret hiking trail…

Hiking trail in New Hampshire

It looks like a game trail at first, until you walk in a little ways. It leads to a beautiful little spring fed lake, somewhat sandy beach and rock ledges!

Our Secret Hiking Trail Which Leads to a Pond

The little lake is a great place to sit, soak in the view, take a refreshing dip in the water, spend some quality time together and re-energize with a quick, quality snack before heading back to reality!

Snacking on the go with goodnessknows® snack squares

Quality Snacking

My favorite is the goodnessknows® snack squares cranberry, almond and dark chocolate. They also have goodnessknows® snack squares apple, almond, peanut and dark chocolate as well as goodnessknows® snack squares peach & cherry, almond and dark chocolate!

The goodnessknows® cranberry chocolate snack sqaures

They’re made with real fruit, dark chocolate and whole nuts – all packed into bite size pieces. goodnessknows® snack squares also have no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, and are only 150 calories per pack! Try all three flavors, you can grab them right in the checkout aisle at Walmart.

goodnessknows snack squares at Walmart

Where will sneak away to snack on goodnessknows® snack squares?