One Single Turtle Egg

Hatched Turtle Egg

A single turtle egg has been found! We are in the process of grassing a new area of lawn on our property. We spread the seeds, it’s been 5 weeks since our first seeding (it’s very hard environment) so we reseeded yesterday and this morning when I went to water the seeds I found this Turtle Egg, apparently hatched….or eaten!

Single Turtle Egg

We’re not sure yet what is going on. We are outside often and have never seen a turtle, it seems like it could have been dropped from the sky – there’s a lot of big birds around here. But, there’s a hole where it looks like the egg was buried, and it’s covered in dirt.

From what we’ve read, it can take all summer for the egg to reach maturity and hatch, but summer just began two days ago! So, did something get the egg and eat the contents? It looks like it was hatched, not eaten though. We’re baffled. We had read that turtle eggs can last all winter and hatch in the spring. The only problem is, we just tilled the whole area to prepare for grass about 6 weeks ago.

Turtle Egg

So, we’re kind of at a loss about this turtle egg. We don’t know if there are more under ground or not. We’ll walk carefully just in case, but they shouldn’t be hatching until, maybe, after summer.