Local SEO: How Do You Stand Up To The Competition?

Local SEO Quiz and Tips For Small Businesses

Local SEO For Small Business + Quiz!

As some of you know, I’ve been diving into the world of Local SEO. There’s a lot to know about local SEO and how to implement it with various types of businesses.

Missing out on Local SEO

Some businesses are internet based, home office type businesses in which the owners may not want their address listed. Often business owners such as crafters and artists who have a studio or work space in their home will not want their address listed for personal reasons. These types of businesses are missing out on a share of the Local SEO market in their area. Listing your address or renting a small studio space may be very beneficial and once you’re optimized, it may pay for itself!

Physical Address for Local SEO

Businesses who opt to use their physical address in connection with their website can benefit greatly from Local SEO practices. The businesses who can benefit most from this are the ones with brick and mortar locations. Without a physical location, your Local SEO future is pretty bleak. And no, a PO Box and Mailbox Store addresses wont work.

Local SEO Best Practice Highlights

Develop a proper NAP and keep it consistent across the web. Your nap is your Name (business name!) Address and Phone number. Some places will ask you for your Website address too, this is considered the “W”, so it’s then NAPW.

It’s very important to keep this consistent when building your Local SEO strategy. Even if your business has multiple phone numbers (Office/Mobile etc…), you should only use one. Using different phone numbers when referencing your business will not be good for building your Local SEO presence.

You may come across your business already listed in local directories – great! In this scenario, all you need to do is claim your business and then update the information to match your NAP(W).

It’s important and will give you better oomph if you use your domain email address, you know the @yourdomain.com email address, rather than a third party email client when signing up for your Google Business Pages, local accounts and so on. Keep it professional!

A few quick bullet points to get you started…

  • Don’t use a PO Box or UPS address
  • Create a Google My Business Page
  • Create a Google + Local Business Page
  • List your business on directories like Yelp etc…
  • Sign up at Bing for Businesses
  • Use Yext to help find local citations of your business (and then claim them!)
  • Get natural reviews from customers on Google, Yelp and other review sites
  • Optimize your website (include your NAP in the footer widget area)

There’s hundreds of bullet points, and dos and don’ts for achieving great results with Local SEO. I’ve spent quite a bit of time learning the ins and outs, what Google likes and dislikes. How other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo can help in your Local SEO strategy … so on and so forth.

I’m not here to teach you everything you want to know about Local SEO, but I hope you’ve taken some good tips away from this little article. Now it’s time to test your Local SEO knowledge and see where you stand!

Local SEO Quiz

Quiz is 40 questions and takes only 10 minutes to complete. Please share with your friends!

This Local SEO Quiz is just for fun and while it contains a lot of great information and can help you understand where you need to improve your practices, it’s in no way a scientific Q&A. What works best for you and your business may differ from these answers.

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Thank you Cyrus @ Moz for this quiz!