7 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets can help make your life easier, especially when they’ve been proven to work! From the bike shaped pizza slicer to the rolling pin which will automatically give you the perfect thickness every time, there’s a gadget here for everyone!

7 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets That Work!

Today I’ve chosen some of the favorite kitchen gadgets from Amazon, and gone through them to find ones which rated well in the reviews. This way, you know the gadgets you’re looking at have been tested and approved by real people! Browse these kitchen gadgets below.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter: Tour de Pizza

Tour de Pizza: Bicycle Pizza Slicer

Cut your pizza like a pro, use the Tour de Pizza bicycle pizza cutter! If you’re anything like me, you love catching the Tour de France on TV and rooting on your favorite riders. Now you can take your passion for the tour to your kitchen table! Use this pizza cutter to create the perfect slice of pizza pie every time! Ride through the crust, cheese, veggies and meats – cross over the finish line and chow down! The stainless steel non-stick cutting wheels are sure to impress even the biggest tour fans.

Tour de Pizza

Watermelon Slicing Knife

Watermelon Slicer

Everyone needs one of these! A Watermelon slicer makes quick work and take nearly all of the danger out of cutting watermelon! Dig into a delicious juicy water melon with this kitchen gadget, and serve up perfectly sliced pieces at your next backyard BBQ!

Watermelon Slicer

10 Minute Instant Ice Cream Maker

10 Minute Ice Cream Maker

The 10 minute ice cream maker from Zoku will have you enjoying fresh ice cream when ever you want! You can make 10 minute soft serve ice cream or 20 minute hard serve. It’s up to you! The flavor possibilities are literally limited only by your imagination. You don’t even need electricity for this ice cream maker to work – watch your ingredients turn to ice cream before your eyes! This instant ice cream maker is scoring great reviews! Check it out…

10 Minute Ice Cream

Rub Away Kitchen Hand Washer

Rub Away

This strange gadget will remove any kitchen odor from your hands. How many times do your hands smell like garlic or onion for hours after you’ve handled them? Every time! I know! The Rub Away takes care of those odors instantly – you’ll be amazed! Almost 1000 reviews and 4.5 stars, they can’t all be wrong!

Rub Away

Watermelon Keg Drink Tap

Watermelon Keg Tap Kit

Turn your watermelon into a drink dispenser! Simply hollow out your watermelon, pop the keg in and fill it with your favorite drink – you can even make a drink with the watermelon! Yum! This watermelon keg kit is super simple to use and makes a great conversation starter for any summer party or BBQ!

Watermelon Keg Tap

Party Snack Station Dispenser

Snack Station Dispenser

This three section snack dispenser is perfect for keeping on the counter to have a little snack when ever you’d like. While you’re cooking, grab a few peanuts. While you’re kids are outside, grab a few M&M’s® candies! You can fill each section with your snack of choice. Even fill one with kitty treats for your furry friend! These are perfect for social snacking at parties, or just every day snacking in your kitchen. You’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without one!

Snacking Station

Adjustable Height Rolling Pin

Adjustable Rolling Pin

This is one of my favorite gadgets, the adjustable rolling pin! This rolling pin comes with several discs that attach to the rolling pin and elevates it to the perfect height. Each set of discs will create different a different thickness of rolled product. Simply roll out your dough with the help of this adjustable rolling pin and your entire sheet will be perfectly level – it’s a snap!

Adjustable Rolling Pin

These are just a few of the kitchen gadgets I am adding to my kitchen. Is there a kitchen gadget you’d love to have in your kitchen?