It’s A BEAR! Old & Oblivious (Video!)

Bear Follows Old People In California

An old, and apparently oblivious couple from Scotland got the surprise of a life time when they finally realized there was a bear following them.

The elderly couple are vacationing in California and stepped outside, fiddled with their keys to lock the door and didn’t have a clue that just a few steps away was a bear watching them.

Not only did they not notice the bear – they didn’t notice the bear was following them to their car. Only after helping his wife into the car (awwww), did the man feel something touch his leg – holy crap it’s a bear!

After realizing it was a bear touching his leg, he made a b-line for the house. He did not escape unscathed – the bear managed to swipe at his calf. He was treated at the local hospital and is expected to be just fine.

Perhaps their calm, oblivious nature made the bear feel calm.. Maybe the bear is too young to know that it’s supposed to be a big scary thing that eats humans… Or maybe it just doesn’t like jerky! Either way – it’s a good thing Mama Bear wasn’t around!