How to Change “admin” Username in WordPress

How To Change WordPress Admin Username

Security should always be in the forefront of your blogging activity. Changing your WordPress “admin” username is key to helping you keep your site safe. Changing your WordPress username from admin to something else will help to protect your blog from intruders.

What would happen if someone broke into your site overnight and wiped out your blog? Would you be up a creek? It’s been happening a lot recently, which is why I’m making this post. Would you lose all the content you’ve worked hard over the years to build? Maybe….

When an intruder tries to break into your site they know that most WordPress users don’t change the “admin” log-in name and therefore half of the work is done for them – all they have to do is run their password doohickey to break into your site. So, lets change that username from admin to something else, making it twice as hard for them to get in!

Before moving forward:

Export your site! Go to your WordPress Dashboard, click on Tools on the left side, click on export and then export all content. This will download a file to your computer allowing you to recover all of your posts, comments and other data in the event that you slip up.

How to Change “admin” Username in WordPress

1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard

2. On the left side, go to “Users”  ► “Add New”

3. Create your new Username.

Creating your new username instructions:

  • The Username will be the new Login Name and the Password will be your new Login Password
  • You need to use a different email address for your new username OR change the email address for the “admin” name (by going to “Users” ► “All Users” ► “admin” ► “Edit”)  in order to continue using your current admin email. You can also change the email address to your current email after we delete the admin. (This will all make sense when you get to it).
  • Choose a user name that is unique and hard to guess. (not your first name!)
  • Fill out your name as you want to appear with your posts
  • Choose a password that will be hard to crack but easy for you to remember.
  • Select ADMINISTRATOR for your new username
  • Send your new password to your email address by selecting the check box to do so.
  • Click Add User at the bottom of the form.

4. After creating your new username. Log Out of WordPress

5. Login using your new username and password

6. Go to “Users” ► “All Users”

7. Hover your mouse over “admin” and click “Delete”

8. *IMPORTANT* check “Attribute all posts and links to” and select your new username

9. After clicking attribute all posts and selecting your new username, click “Confirm Deletion”

Congratulations! You have now created a new username and deleted your “admin” username as well as attributed all of your posts to your new username. Your WordPress site is now more secure!