One Day In Hollywood California

As you know, we traveled to California to attend a conference and I couldn’t leave California without bringing you some awesome travel content. Once we were done packing in as much adventure as we could in Long Beach, we hit the road and headed for Hollywood! After all, one doesn’t travel from New Hampshire to California and not see the famous Hollywood sign or visit Universal Studios!

One day in Hollywood, California doesn't seem like a lot of time. However, you can pack A LOT into just a few hours. You can see all the Hollywood sights and more! Yes, even the Hollywood Sign!

We were actually in Hollywood for two days, but day two was completely spent at Universal Studios. So we’ll call it one day in Hollywood and one day at Universal Studios. Because, you know, Universal is practically an entire city of it’s own, especially when you’re visiting from rural New Hampshire! You could see the park from our room at the Hilton Universal hotel. PS: awesome hotel!

One Day In Hollywood

We left Long Beach, California at about 7am on Sunday morning. Initially we didn’t know how we would get up to Hollywood from Long Beach. We thought about Uber, but that would have been our first Uber ride ever (besides quick A to B rides in New Orleans) – an hour Uber ride? Meh. Long-story-short, we ended up hiring a car service through the concierge. It was a nice quick trip in a brand spankin’ new Suburban.

When we got to the Hilton Universal City, Los Angeles, we knew we were there far too early. I think it our ride from Long Beach to Hollywood was only 40 minutes or so. We ended up in Hollywood before 8am, check-in was 4pm. I had called ahead and they said we could check our bags if our room was not ready.

Hilton Universal City, View of Universal Studios from Room

On a side note: You can select which room you want online. I think we had to sign up for the free Hilton rewards, but we checked out the area map and chose a room with a view of Universal Studios – it was nice!

We ended up checking our bags and having breakfast at the hotel. Then we went to the activity desk to check out some of the Hollywood Tours. Heck, if we’re in Hollywood, we’re going to see Rodeo Drive, we’re going to see the Hollywood Sign, and we’re going to see the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Those were three things I think were a ‘must’ see while in Hollywood, especially since we only had one day to explore.

The activity desk at the Hilton was awesome. The guy knew his stuff – helped us choose a tour and even scheduled it for us. The tour company wasn’t open yet, so he scheduled it for the afternoon as we requested. Then he called us with our pick up time and we were all set to go. Awesome service at the Hilton Universal!

The Los Angeles Zoo Entrance

Los Angeles ZOO

Meanwhile, we grabbed an Uber and went to the Los Angeles Zoo! Our Uber driver was cool, he knew a little about the Zoo. He said it was much smaller than the San Diego Zoo. But to tell you the truth, it was big enough for us to spend a few hours there! I would say it was a typical zoo.

We really enjoyed the New Orleans Zoo far better than this one. The Los Angeles Zoo was more of a ‘cage’ zoo whereas the New Orleans Audubon Zoo seemed to have more of an open feel for the animals and visitors, less chain linked fences and less of a caged in feeling. Nevertheless, check out our visit to the LA Zoo.

Hollywood, California Rodeo Drive Sign

StarTrack Hollywood Tour

We took a two hour Hollywood tour with StarTrack Tours. This is an open air van tour which took us up Mulholland Drive where we saw the Hollywood sign, through Beverly Hills, down Rodeo Drive, up Hollywood Drive to see the Walk of Fame and more.

On the tour, we saw a ton of stars homes and loads of Hollywood must-see sights, all in a 2 hours tour! All in all, the tour was worth the hundred bucks. We got to see all the classic sights in a very structured way. Since we only had 1 day to explore Hollywood, it was excellent! Read all about our corny Hollywood Tour experience!

The HIlton hotel at Universal City in Hollywood, California

Finally, Time To Rest!

After having a great day visiting the Los Angeles Zoo and seeing all the major sights on our Hollywood van tour, we finally returned to the hotel. We checked in and they even sent our bags directly up to our room. Finally, some rest and relaxation! We packed a lot into one day in Hollywood! Now, onto what we really came here for – Universal Studios!

Universal Studios Hogwarts Castle, Hollywood California

Day two: Universal Studios Hollywood!