Happiness In Organization

Happiness In Organization

Organizing your life, your house and your office can mean the difference between being happy and being content. Exactly how does one go about organizing without making huge lists and spending their entire life just trying to ‘get there’? It’s not all that difficult, just follow these easy rules. Your life, your home and your office can be organized without much effort!

Organization Rules

1. Declutter and Trash It. If your don’t need it, trash it. Uncluttering your space is the best way to be organized. Don’t be a hoarder. Throw away or donate things you do not need. Put things where they belong. Simply doing this can make your space much more organized.

2. Create Coding Systems. In your closet, create a system for organizing clothes. In your office create a system for organizing paperwork. Create a coding system, whether it be a color code for your clothes, a weekly code for your mail or monthly code for your bills — or something completely different that works for you. Using a coding system will help you keep on the organizational pathway.

3. Top 4 Daily Tasks. Choosing 4 daily tasks will help you become more organized. Each day, write down 4 tasks that are on your radar and that you will complete that day. Setting a task schedule will make you become more organized and the more you practice this, the quicker it will become to complete those tasks.

4. Use Key Motivators. Begin with what motivates you. Does conquering the toughest thing first motivate you? Perhaps you like a quick victory. Which ever motivates you most, start with that project.

5. Set Deadlines. Daily tasks helps you set deadlines each day. However, there are things that may take you longer to get organized or keep organized. Set those deadlines as you see appropriate. Write them down and stick to them!

6. Master Imperfection. Not everything will fall into place. Not everything will be organized all the time. Things will get messy and you have no control over that. Make peace with the imperfections in life and don’t fret over a little sloppiness. Keep working towards your organizational goals.

7. Reward Yourself. This very well could be your favorite part of organization! Rewarding yourself is a good way to stay motivated. Each month, take a look back at your organizational practices and if you’ve done a good job, reward yourself with something special. No, that doesn’t mean go buy yourself a new Smartphone, it means do something you normally wouldn’t do. Have guests over for a house party, go to a movie with a friend, buy fresh flowers for the dining table. Doing something special will keep you motivated to continue your organizational regiment.

Do you have tips for staying organized? Share them below!