Genius Ad Campaign Embarrasses UPS (Video!)

DHL Tricks UPS in AD Campaign

In an Ad Campaign one can only call genius..okay evil genius, DHL gives UPS more than they can handle, and get cheap advertisement in the process!

How did these delivery drivers end up delivering packages that say “DHL IS FASTER.”? Well, it started with a genius plan, a little science and a lot of chuckles. You see, DHL used a thermoactive foil to coat the boxes and hide their master plan. The foil, when temperatures are low enough, are able to hide this message perfectly. Companies like UPS and TNT were picking up plain black boxes. It wasn’t until the boxes has heated up in the back of the delivery trucks that the ad campaign came to life!

Props to UPS and the others for completing the challenge and delivering the packages (and on time I’m sure!). So far, it seems that this prank was handled with class…but I’m sure they have something in store for DHL! Until the next chapter plays out – watch the video!