Easy Ways To Increase Your Traffic from Google

Easy Ways to Rank Higher In Google Search Results

How can you increase your website’s traffic from Google? There are several easy ways to increase your traffic from Google, and I’ll cover my top picks in this article. I promise, nothing too technical, and nothing you can’t get started on today!

1. Implement Google Authorship

Implementing Google Authorship is a great way to increase traffic from Google. Posts with Authorship show up 20% more often at the top of search results than posts without. Even better, when you do keyword research, target keyword and phrases that return no search results with Authorship publishers. You’re very likely to corner those keywords and phrases because you have Authorship implemented. How to Implement Google Authorship

2. Improve Site Speed

Google likes websites that are speedy and will rank faster sites higher in search results than their slower counterparts. To increase your sites speed, try whittling down your footer and sidebar ads. Switch out several small square ads for a single tall skyscraper ad. This will result in less calls to the ad servers and faster load times for your website.

3. Mobile Friendly Website

We live in a mobile-centric world and your website must be mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly, your website will rank lower in search results. Things to look out for are Flash objects or videos that don’t readily work with Apple products, Popups that can impede user experience or a using non-responsive website design. Those, and other things can prevent mobile users from having a user friendly experience on your website. Improving mobile user experience will help you get more traffic from Google.

4. Update Old Content

Rewriting, touching up and adding new photos to your old posts is a great way to update your old content and keep Google  interested. Refresh your old content so you don’t have out of date information, this will give users a more pleasant experience on your website and give Google another reason to rank your site higher than your competition.

5. Optimize Your Photos

Yes, again, I’m going to talk about photo optimization. It’s so easy to do, but so many people don’t do it. You must have a descriptive ALT tag in your photos, otherwise your photos won’t show up well in image searches. If you use a proper ALT tag in your photos, not only will you experience more traffic from Google, but your readers can pin any image they want to Pinterest very easily, because the ALT tag will be used when they click to pin that image. Learn how to optimize your blog posts and photos for search engines here.

6. Quality Content

Doh. Yes, again, quality content. Of course this is important to get more traffic from Google, but why? Well, besides the obvious, a less obvious reason is this; when visitors search for something and click on the link to your blog, you must provide them with the information they’re looking for. Otherwise, they’ll backpedal and look for another link in the search results to click on. If they leave your site and go to another site from the same Google search, Google will know that you did not give them the information they were looking for. Provide quality content and you will get more traffic from Google.

7. Search Engine Optimization

I know, this one isn’t so easy and I don’t intend to discuss SEO in depth (click the link in #5 to learn basic SEO techniques). Why am I bringing this topic up, again? It’s simple. When someone searches Google, there’s a description below the link that tells the searcher what content they can find on the page. How many times have you read that description and clicked the link only to find that content is no where to be found? Too many? Me too. So, an easy way to solve this issue and make sure your search results return text that can be found within your article, use All In One SEO to auto-generate descriptions. Having proper descriptions reduces Google backpedaling like we talked about in #6.

Today, I’m going to leave you with these 7 easy tips for increasing traffic from Google. Do you have any tips that will help others increase the traffic they get from Google? We’d love to hear them, please share your tips, tricks and thoughts in the comments!