DIY Fall Mason Jar Craft

Fall has begun to arrive here in New Hampshire and it’s time to get out our fall crafts. Mason jar crafts are always fun and easy projects to do. You can give mason jar crafts as gifts, or display them on your desk, mantel or wherever else needs a little splash of fun decor. So, aside from having lunch from a mason jar, you can make a DIY craft project like this…

Fall Mason Jar Craft Project

When the fall season arrives, we have two choices – we bundle up in a blanket and wait until winter has come and gone or we can get busy with fall crafts. For us, I suppose it depends on the year, there’s nothing wrong with cuddling up in a blanket and waiting for next spring, but this year we’re doing some fun fall crafts, like these DIY Halloween Ghosts!

DIY Fall Mason Jar Decor

These fall mason jars are wrapped in burlap and have a nice little ribbon around the rim. They have a couple of faux fall leaves glued onto them and then they’re stuffed with hay.

Stuff a couple of SNICKERS® candy bars in these DIY fall mason jars and you can sneak them into a co-workers office to leave them a little festive fall treat. Or, heck, just put it on your desk for when you need a fun and festive fall snack!

Autumn Mason Jar Craft DIY

See the tutorial here.

Don’t these mason jars scream fall? I think so!