Contain Your blu: A DIY Project

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Blu e-Cigs DIY Storage Project

Where are all of our blu e-Cigs fans? Today I’m making a cool little DIY holder for our blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit, a place to store everything while it’s not in use. It’s a simple design and a convenient way to keep your blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit in one spot, not shoved into the catch-all kitchen drawer. Keep your blu e-Cigs in good shape and ready to go when you need it.

Why I like blu

I quit smoking almost three years ago. But, as you might already know, former smokers will always have that ‘itch’ to light up again, or so it seems. I know when I have a couple of beers or cocktails, I have an itch to buy a pack of smokes, and sometimes it does need to be scratched. Rather than folding to temptation and buying a pack of smokes, I reach for my blu. It helps me curb that craving and stay smoke free.

DIY blu e-Cigs Display and Storage

This is a cool storage piece to hang in your man cave, garage, workshop or wherever else is convenient for you to store your blu e-Cigs. All you’ll need for this project is a board, a little burlap and piece of twine.

Storage unit for blu-eCigs

I’m going to use an old barn board I have. It’s a 1 by 6 and already has a couple of nail holes in the end of the board where I can string the hanging twine through.

The first step is to cut the board, I cut mine about 9 inches tall, which makes it large enough to become a nice display piece but not too large as to hog the whole wall.

blu PLUS+ Man Cave Organizer

Once your board is cut, you will bore three, 3/8 inch holes using your pocket jig. Don’t go all the way through! Just drill deep enough so you can insert ¼ inch of your battery and tanks. If you don’t have a pocket jig and you’re good with tools, you can clamp the board down and drill a few holes at an angle to get the same effect. I drilled three holes, one for the battery and two holes for vape tanks.

blu PLIS+ e-Cig Display

After drilling the holes for your battery and tank, you’ll cut a piece of burlap. For my 1 by 6 piece of wood, I’ll need an 11 inch piece of burlap, about 3 inches wide. This will wrap across the front, around the sides and staple in the back. Real simple, right?

First fold the bottom length of burlap under itself to get a double layer on the bottom edge. Wrap it around the board in a position which is high enough that it sits above the battery when the battery is being stored. – check the image below. Staple it to the back, but make sure the burlap is loose enough to fit a couple packs of tanks or a tank and the USB charger.

Storage for blu e-Cigs, Vape Tanks and USB Charger

Now string some twine through the holes on the top and you’re done. If you want, you can add a little paint, a little wood burning or just leave it be and you’ve got a cool storage area for your blu e-Cigs.

blu e-Cigs Xpress Kit DIY Porject

I painted a blu e-Cig “b” onto mine, just because it looks awesome – right? You can do the same or add some other cool design, make it your own! Now simply hang it in your man cave, garage, near your mini bar or where ever you want. I decided to hang mine on the pegboard in my garage.

Blu e-Cigs DIY Storage Project

How do blu e-Cigs work?

blu e-Cigs have two parts, the battery which looks like the tobacco end of a cigarette and the Vape Tank, which looks like the filter end of a cigarette. The vape tank contains liquid and screws onto the battery.

blu PLUS+ e-Cigs Kit

Once you attach your vape tank to your battery, you can take a drag from the vape tank end. When you draw air through the vape tank, it activates the battery which in turn heats the liquid in the vape tank. This converts the liquid into vapor. Now you’re experiencing the blu e-Cigs vapor!

The Xpress Kit also comes with a USB charger which charges your blu e-Cigs in about 30 minutes. It’s a quick charge and easy enough to do where ever you are. Aside from our computers, I know most of us have USB chargers in our cars now too, so you can take it to go and you’ll be all set when you get to where you’re going.

blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit with USB Charger

Shopping for blu e-Cigs

Check out the blu e-Cigs online store where you can grab all the gear, like the blu Plus+ Xpress Kit which comes with a USB charge, the battery and two vape tanks. On the blu e-Cigs site you can find all the different kits, chargers and vape tanks.

The vape tanks come in different flavors and strengths, so you can really customize your experience. blu e-Cigs products also include a one year warranty and have a quick ship program (shipped w/in 48 hrs) – so, in the event you need to utilize the warranty, you won’t be without your blu e-Cigs for long.

blu e-Cigs Deal – Limited Time – While Supplies Last

Right now and for a limited time you can get the blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit with a free pack of tanks for $14.99, that’s a $30 overall value, so it’s basically half price! Don’t wait, grab this deal here – it’s only available while supplies last.

A Quick eCig Tip

Slow drags produce the right amount of vapor. Don’t try to take a hard drag on an eCig, a slow steady drag will produce the best results. It’s just the way it works. It took me a while to figure this out – scratching that itch we talked about is difficult when you’re taking a hard drag and there’s very little vapor being produced- slow and steady wins this race.

Which blu e-Cigs Flavor Tank do you want to try?