Butterbeer at Universal Studios – Cold or Frozen?

Have you had the famous Butterbeer at Universal Studios? As you know, we recently visited Universal Studios Hollywood and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Of course if you visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you can’t leave without trying the Butterbeer. Today we’re matching up cold and frozen butter beer in a head to head contest – which is better?

Butterbeer taste off at Universal Studios Hollywood California. Cold or Frozen Butterbeer - check out who the clear winner is!

Like any good muggle, we wondered over to the Butterbeer cart and stood in line anxiously waiting our turn to order our magical and famous Butterbeer drink. But we were caught off guard when we reached the beer wench (is that what they call them?). She asked us “Cold or Frozen?” wait – what?

Cold or Frozen Butterbeer?

First of all, I hope the frozen one is cold (haha). Second, which Butterbeer is better? How will we know which Butterbeer is the minister of all Butterbeers? I don’t want to miss out on the best Butterbeer because I chose the wrong one.

Butterbeer taste off at Universal Studios Hollywood California. Good news, there is a clear winner in the Butterbeer competition! Check out our winning Butterbeer!

Cold Butterbeer

Well, we chose the cold Butterbeer and it was delicious! It’s like a cream soda with extra caramel sauce and hints of other deliciousness that I couldn’t wrap my head around. Heck, they could have poured me a glass of water and I would have thought it was the most magical drink ever. Excitement gets the best of me sometimes.

What About the Frozen Butterbeer?

Okay, so now that we had the cold Butterbeer, we wondered around and visited the Simpsons in Springfield, went on the Studio Tour, hit the Jurassic Park ride and then made our way back up to Hogsmede again…

Hogsmede entrance and the entrance to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

We decided we needed to get both, and now it’s time to try the frozen Butterbeer! I mean, we traveled from New Hampshire to California and we were going to leave without trying both cold and frozen butterbeers? I think not! We had to try them both, and we’re glad we did!

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Frozen Butterbeer

The frozen Butterbeer is exactly what you’d expect, a frozen version of the cold Butterbeer. It was so good, and so refreshing after hiking around Universal Studios all day. The best part about the frozen Butterbeer is that it lasted a lot longer than the cold version!

Cold or Frozen Butterbeer? Which is better?

Cold Butterbeer or Frozen Butterbeer?

Butterbeer Winner:

In our eyes – Frozen Butterbeer is the clear winner! It’s more refreshing and it lasts longer than the cold Butterbeer. Although it may give you a temporary brain freeze, it’s worth it!

So next time you’re at Universal Studios and visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – try both the cold and frozen Butterbeers – they’re both delicious and then you can tell me which one you like best!

Harry Potter Butter Beer Recipe

Watch this video to learn how to make your own Harry Potter Butterbeer recipe at home!

Hold up! I just heard they’re going to have hot Butterbeer at Universal Studios now? What? The question remains the same, which Butterbeer is your favorite? Cold, Frozen or Hot Butterbeer?

Which is your favorite? Frozen or cold Butterbeer?