Bloglovin’? OK…I’ve done it now!

Follow me on Blog Lovin

Okay, so I’ve finally done it. I’ve signed up for Bloglovin’ and started following a few of my favorite blogs. What is Bloglovin’? Well, it’s like a feed reader – it’s a place where you can follow all of your favorite blogs and see all the new updates and posts they have. Bloglovin’ automatically updates with the latest and greatest from your favorite publishers. I never signed up because it seemed to me to be a girly-girl site …which I still think it is. But, what the heck – I get to follow a bunch of great blogs and it’s another place for my blog to be discovered!

So… Follow my blog with Bloglovin and find other blogs to follow while you’re there!

You can follow my other blogs here:


So, I signed up and linked my feed and all that jazz. For some reason Bloglovin’ was drawing my little Pintered pin button image as the feed image. No clue why this is happening, must be the plugin I was using? Maybe? I changed the plugin, we’ll see if that fixes the issue – but since I don’t see a way to for Bloglovin’ to clear their cache or regenerate the feed I have no idea how long I’ll have to wait to see if it works. It’s not having issues on my other sites. I wonder why it’s only doing it with Scrappy Geek. Hmph.