Best Web Hosting For WordPress

Best Web Hosting for WordPress

If you’re starting a blog or moving a blog from a non-hosted place such as Blogger (blogger to WordPress) or, to a self-hosted WordPress application you’ll be looking for the best web hosting for WordPress. When I started blogging I did a few months of research before even buying a domain and getting hosting. I learned how to set up a blog, I began to learn HTML, I studied a little bit about SEO and monetization – basically I learned what I needed to do to get started.

Most people jump right in and learn as they go and that’s perfectly OK! So, what is the best web hosting for a WordPress site? After months of research, I decided to go with HostGator. I read reviews from users of various different web hosting sites which include GoDaddy, Blue Host, Fat Cow etc.. All of them have decent reputations and seem to work well, but the more I dug the more I felt that HostGator provided the best technical support.

To me, it seemed that people who did experience issues were more satisfied with HostGator’s support over the others. I have to say, I have no experience with web hosting support other than HostGator. I have been with HostGator since 2010 and rarely experience any issues. When I do, HostGator is prompt to act and get things back on track quickly.

HostGator has various ways that you can request help. You can call, you can open a ticket support and correspond through email, you can live chat with HostGator support, and as a lesser preferred method – you can even shout out to them on their HostGator Support Twitter page and they’ll usually respond to your plea for help!

So, I highly recommend HostGator not only because of their excellent customer service and technical support, but because of their 99% up-time guarantee and their great pricing. HostGator really can’t be beat!

Need to buy a Domain Name? You can do that at HostGator too!