5 Reasons To Convert To WordPress

5 Reasons To Convert To WordPress

If you’re blogging on a platform like Blogger or WordPress.com, you should seriously consider switching to the WordPress.org platform. This can be done through your host. Switching to the self hosted version of WordPress provides you with a lot more flexibility and advantages over platforms like WordPress.com or Blogger.

1. Personalization options.

A self hosted WordPress website allows you far more flexibility and freedom over a website or blog hosted on WordPress.com or Blogger. By using a self hosted WordPress website, you have access to thousands if not tens of thousands of different free themes as well as premium themes from places like StudioPress.

2. Easy to use plugins.

Unlike WordPress.com and Blogger, self hosted WordPress allows you to use third party plugins for additional flexibility. WordPress.com only allows you to use what is in the dashboard and blogger – well you better learn how to code! Self hosted WordPress accounts are able to use plugins to optimize websites for SEO, Monetization, Social Media, Mobile Flexibility and a whole lot more!

3. Make money with ads.

With WordPress.com you have no control over the advertisements. You can pay a fee to not have the ads show on your site, but you still cannot add your own. You cannot even add affiliate links in most cases. With Blogger, you can add some advertisement, but if you start monetizing your posts often, Google might  delete your blog. No joke! If you’re currently monetizing your blogger blog, you may want to switch to a self hosted WordPress account sooner rather than later.

With a self hosted WordPress site, you control your advertisements. You can sell ad space, you can use Share A Sale, Google Adsense, Amazon, Escalate Network or any other way you can think of to monetize your website. You own your website, not Google and not WordPress.com!

4. Use your own domain.

With a self hosted WordPress account, you have your own domain URL. With a Blogger site, your site contains .blogspot within your web address and with a WordPress.com site, your URL contains .wordpress.com at the end. Yes, you can buy a domain with blogger and wordpress.com – but you’re still under their watch and don’t have the usability of a WordPress.org platform. With a self hosted WordPress website, you own your own domain and benefit from everything else mentioned in this post.

5. Freedom.

Unlike WordPress.com and Blogger sites, the self hosted WordPress.org platform gives you freedom! Freedom to monetize, freedom to re-code if you wish, freedom to choose your own domain, freedom to not be in constant watch of terms of service and other policies that could put you at risk for losing your site.

With your own self hosted WordPress Website, you are not bound by terms of service and you are never in danger of having your website or blog deleted on you (this happens with blogger and wordpress.com more than you know!). With platforms like Blogger and WordPress.com, you are limited with monetization options, very few design options, no plugin options, and limited domain options. With a self hosted WordPress website you are free to do what ever you want!

Want to switch? Use HostGator to buy your domain and host your website. They have excellent customer service and documentation that will help you move your website from WordPress.com or Blogger to your new, self hosted WordPress website!