3 Ways To Make Money Blogging W/O Being A Sellout

A lot of people don’t understand how to make money blogging without peddling for sponsored posts and begging for people to click their links. If you get sponsored posts based on numbers you acquire from asking people to click on your site, links etc.. you might be a sellout. Yes, believe it or not you can make good money blogging without being a sellout. You don’t need to peddle for clicks any longer. There are way so make money with your blog that will not only give you money now, but continue to pay out time and time again.

Ways To Make Money Blogging Without Being A Sellout

1. Sell Something

You’re an expert in something, everyone is! Maybe you run a craft blog or a recipe blog. Compile 10 unique posts for an ebook (it can be a PDF book!). Make it real nice with photos, instructions etc.. Sell it on your sidebar, slide-in or pop up on your website.

2. Promote Affiliate Links

Promoting affiliate links is probably the most basic way to make money with your blog. There’s a lot of affiliate networks out there. My two favorite are the Amazon.com Associates Program and Escalate Network, grab some links and start linking – just don’t overdo it or people will run for the hills! Link within text, photos and mix widgets in too.

3. Sell Ad Spots

Selling advertisements in your sidebar can be quite profitable. An easy way to start off is to sell 125 x 125 ad space using the WP125 plugin, if you have a self hosted WordPress blog. I do quite well with affiliate ads in the sidebars. I use Ad Injection to rotate the ads in and out, even targeting where on my site they show up.

Common Ground

All of these methods share common ground. They require visitors. No, back up. They require real, targeted visitors. How does one get real, targeted visitors? Email lists and organic search traffic visitors rank high on the list – learn more about driving traffic to your blog.

Once you get real visitors frequenting your website, you’ll notice these methods work great and will provide you with continuous streams of income. Once you learn how to drive proper traffic to your blog, your links and sidebars will become endless avenues of money for you. You can forget about peddling for sponsored posts and asking your friends to click your links. You’ll have the streams of money set up to continue producing income for a long time.